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The Municipality of Vratsa has a well-developed sports base and professional sports clubs structure, as well as a Sports School (from grade VI to grade XII)

  • a stadium of 25 000 seats and 3 training grounds;
  • a tennis complex with 6 open courts a one covered tennis court with stands.
  • covered track-and-field ground
  • open swimming pools – Olympic size;
  • covered 25 m swimming pool and children swimming pool
  • two shooting ground – for small –calibre and air – guns;
  • two sports halls
  • skiing – three ski slopes in the area of Purshevitza.

The beautiful and impressive rocky massif called “Dolomite” is located in the area of the gorge “Vratsata” – it is one of the most popular sites among the climbers in the country - it is the pace where national and international competitions in climbing are held, and as mentioned before there are more than 116 routs of difficulty class 4 available. Republic and Association Alpiniads are annually held at Vratzata, in which hundreds of climbers put their manhood and skills to test.  Vrtasa has also been the host of several International Alpiniads. It has welcomed guests from Russia, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Italy, etc.

Delta and Para Planerism
The peak “Okolchitza”: to the Northeast and east, at 1600 m above the sea level. The starting point is equipped with two ramps for delta planers, the para planers strip is stony.  There is a road leading to the starting point and the area is close to the historical place Okolchitza, with a nearby accommodation (bungalows) and a restaurant.  This is one of the most attractive place for delta planerism not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe.

Sports Clubs (SC) licensed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports

  • SC “Elite” field and track
  • SC “Vratsa” field and track
  • SC “Botev” – basketballSC “Botev 93” - wrestling
  • SC “Botev” - waterball
  • SC “Botev” - volleyball
  • SC “Botev” – filed and track
  • SC “Botev” – sports shooting
  • SC “Botev”  - tennis
  • SC “Streshero” – speleology, caving, alpinism
  • SC “Aris” 2000 – karate & boxing
  • SC “Satori” - karate
  • SC “Basaj” - karate
  • SC “Vrasta – racing” – karting
  • SC “Vratsa” – chess-mate
  • SC “Ipon” – Judo
  • SC “Sakura” - karate
  • SC “Table Tennis” – table tennis
  • SC “Okolchitsa” - deltaplanerism
  • SC “Spartacus” - MIA
  • SC “Kum Rhiong" – taekwondo
  • SC “Imperial” – body building
  • SC “Modellism” – car model sports.
  • SC “Olimpietz”
  • SCPS “Botev" 2000
  • SSC “Bootev" - swimming and waterball
  • Sport Dances Club “Charisma”
  • Sport Dances Club “Rhythm”
  • Water Slalom Club “Skaklia”
  • Buggy and Motor sports
  • Vello-Alps ski club “Himalai”