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   Education in Bulgaria is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and Science

   Bulgarian educational system consists of three grade levels – primary /first to fourth grades/, middle / fifth to seventh grade / and high / eight to twelfth grade/ .Children are enrolled for first grade at the age of six and seven .

   Admittance at high schools is by an examination. English become prominent language after learning at school.

   The structure of the educational system of Bulgaria has two main levels – middle and high. There are main types of schools – high schools and technical schools. The curriculum of Bulgarian Educational system focuses on eight main subject: Bulgarian language and Literature, foreign language, mathematics, information technologies, social sciences and civic, natural sciences and ecology, music and art ,physical education and sports.

   Classes meet five days a week and usually take two shifts /morning and afternoon/

   The school year is divided into two teams with Christmas, Easter and Summer Break.

   The grading system is based on numerals, where 6 is the highest and 2 is the lowest grade a student can obtain.

   The types of higher education institutions are Universities, Colleges and Specialized Higher Schools. Universities have three stages: Bachelor’s, Master and Doctor‘s degrees. The Bachelor’s stage lasts for at least four years, the Master stage lasts for five years after completion of high education or one year after obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree. The third stage of higher education results in obtaining a Doctor’s Degree.