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   Bulgarian integration in European Union create new economical and social conditions, which offer different ways of thinking and managing. The new municipal leadership transformed the previous meaning of twinning and laid a new beneficial and economical form of co-operation, besides of usual visiting – folklores, musical and sports events. The European commission’s invitation about the twinning between Kichevo Municipality /Macedonia/ and Vratsa Municipality /Bulgaria/ within the Europeans days for developing in Strasburg / France/ is a great achievement.

   On the 15th of November, Bulgarian diplomacy took part in the official opening ceremony of Europeans days for developing, therefore our delegation presented combined project.

   The local and regional authorities are main factor about new developing strategies and politics settings.

   The European political frame changes – the confirming of the European Union , the changes in East Europe and the globalization make the situation different , and the best way for us is to relate with international institutions.

   During 2008, Vratsa Municipality re-connected the relationships with twin cities and made new partnerships abroad.