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The Municipality is located in the Northwestern Bulgaria covering an area of 697 km2. Its territory includes part of the Danube plain and the front part of the Balkan Mountain – the Predbalkan (the Mountain of Vratsa is included in the Natural Park “Vratchanski Balkan”). It has boundaries with the municipalities of Varshetz, Mezdra, Krivodol, Borovan, Biala Slatina and Svoge. The total length of its borders is 150 km. The town spreads out from the mountain down to the wide spaces of the plain on an area of 12500 decars, covering 2 % of the territory of the municipality.


Distance to important points


Vratsa – Sofia

110 km

Vratsa – Oriahovo (ferryboat)

80 km

Vratsa – Montana

38 km

Vratsa – Vidin

126 km

Vratsa – Mezdra

15 km

Vratsa – Lom

83 km

Vratsa – Varna

439 km

Vratsa – Bourgas

429 km

Vratsa – Rousse

252 km

Vratsa – Kulata (Petrich)

296 km

Vratsa – Kapitan Andreevo

414 km

Vratsa is one of the most picturesque towns in Bulgaria, only 110 km away from the capital Sofia, and 80 km from the ferryboat Oriahovo and the river Harbour of Lom. It is huddled at the foot of the Vratsa’s Mountain, the river of Leva winds across the town, the awesome rocks hang over the roofs of the houses.

Main railway and road corridors of national and international importance cross the territory of the Municipality. Vratsa is the cross point of two of the biggest European transport corridors – Corridor 4 and Corridor 7. Its strategic location will become even more important with the construction of Danube Bridge 2 at Vidin.

  • Corridor No. 4 – Dresden / Nurnberg – Prague – Vienna / Bratislava – Budapest Krayova / Konstanca – Vidin – Vratsa – Sofia – Solun/ Plovdiv – Istanbul
  • Corridor No. 7 – Rein – Maine – Danube (the Danube water-way).  Road II-15 which passes trough Vratsa is the backbone of the road infrastructure of Vratsa District. It goes to Oriahovo – a town on the river of Danube, where the busiest Bulgarian ferryboat is stationed, which completes the connection to Corridor 7.

International Roads

E 79 – Greece – Western Europe; Sofia – Vratsa – Vidin – Craiova

II – 15 Vratsa – ferryboat Oriahovo – Bechet