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Situated in the Northwestern part of Bulgaria, Vratsa Municipality has 679 sq kilometers. About 370 sq. kilometers of them are agricultural lands and 117 sq. kilometers are forest and fields. According to the number of the population; the Municipality is on the 16th place in the country with 85 215 citizens.

Climate is mild continental.

In the town there is good infrastructure and communications, also there are lots of gas-stations.

The heating system is available for about 15 352 apartments and lots of trade establishments. There are three substations built in the Municipality. The textile and food-gustatory industry, a building-materials production and metalworking are well developed.

Vratsa Municipality gives an active cooperation on the small and medium – sized enterprises and even there is a plan to start opening a “Contractor’s counter”

These projects are already realized successfully:

  • Project:” Regional storage for hard waste management for municipalities of Vratsa and  Mezdra”
  • Project:” Beautiful Bulgaria”
  • Project:” A municipal services and information centre”
  • Project:” PHARE BG 00-04–02- business investing “which is in process.
  • Project:” Building of the new Radiology base into the Oncological ward in Vratsa.”
  • Project:” Hospital renewal of the surgery unit in Oncological dispensary –Vratsa.”

Vratsa Municipality offers to foreign investors free land estates and vacancy buildings, which could be used for enterprises. The international and Bulgarians investors can rely on the entire support of the municipal management and the next institutions:

Chamber of commerce and trade


Chamber of economy and industry


The underground gas-store place is on the territory of the municipality. The township is an important growing grains centre and the sold products come from ecologically clear regions, situated in the northern part of the town. Some of the companies are partially municipality owned and they offer services for  the needs of the population.

The associations for 100 per cent of municipal engagement successfully carry out their activity - Trolley bus conveyance  LTD and BKS  LTD.

In the town there is a good condition for the future regional development. There are enough good prepared specialists with higher and middle – level education. The prices of real estate are low, the central heating system is well developed, and the communications are in good condition. The municipality has clear aims for its further development for the new European situation and catch attention in searching investing and new employment.