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   The city of Sumy /Ukraine/

The first contract was signed back in 1967 and the latest agreement for co-operation was signed  in Vratsa on the 3 rd of June 2000.


Sumy /Ukraine/  Panoramic view


   The city of Craiova /Romania/

The latest agreement for friendship and co-operation was sign on the 2nd of June 1998 in Craiova.


The musical fountain                            Town hall



   The city of Bor /Republic of Serbia/

The co-operating dated since 1983 . The new contract between Vratsa and Bor was updated on the 2nd of June 1996 in  the city of Bor.


Town center                                           Town



The city of Villeneuve – le- Roi /France/

The contract for relationship and co-operation was signed on the 7 th of June 2002.


The town of Villeuve le roi



   Kichevo Municipality /Macedonia/
There was a meeting for both of Municipalities in June 2008, which was realized by the initiative of Kichevo Municipality, with the assistance of the Bulgarian Ambassador to Macedonia. Not longer after that – on the 18th of July 2008, the contract for twinning and co-operation between Kichevo Municipality and Vratsa Municipality has been signed.




   City of Kobrin /Belarus/

The beginning of the relationship was started on the 7 th of June 2002 


Kobrin Synagogue                                 The town of Kobrin



   City of Serpuhov /Russian Federation/

On the 21st  of September 2008 – the day of Serpuhov – the agreement project for twinning and co-operation between Vratsa Municipality and the city of Serpuhov was signed.


 The historical museum in the city of Serpuhov            Serpuhov