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  1. “BKS Vratsa” PLC (Welfare and Communal Services) - civil construction, repair and construction activities, grassing, restoration of green areas, maintenance, managing and repair of the buildings fund, construction services for the population, keeping the cleanness of   Vratsa and the belonging villages, production of decorative trees.
  2. “Trolley bus transport” Plc. – passengers transport. There is a ready project for extension of the trolley bus network of Vratsa – the second stage.  There is also a possibility for completing the construction within one year, had the necessary financial resources amounting to 1 900 000 been provided. The investment will be repaid in 4 years.
  3. “Herald” Plc. – Mass information through all the informational means.
  4. “Ekoproject" Ltd. – Management of the Solid Waste Depot in Vratsa and Mezdra, collection, disposal, storage and neutralization of the wastes, and all the interim operations, their reuse, recycling, rehabilitation or production of energy and materials from the wastes. The Municipality hold a share of 75 %.
  5. “Association for Employment” PLC
  6. Multi profile hospital for active healing - MBAL Christo Botev” JSCo. – the Municipality holds 17% of the capital.
  7. “Centre for Health Diagnostics and Examination – I” PLC - Vratsa
  8. Inter-regional dispensary for pneumo- phthisical diseases with a hospital – PLC. - Vratsa
  9. District dispensary for psychical diseases with a hospital – PLC. - Vratsa       
  10. Inter-regional dispensary for oncological diseases with a hospital – PLC. - Vratsa
  11. District dispensary for skin and venereal diseases with a hospital – PLC. - Vratsa
  12. “Medico-technical laboratory for prosthetic dentistry” PLC – Vratsa